Why Lose Weight and eQuickDiet™?

The Big Question "Why lose weight?" will have many responses. Most people will probably say "to look better". This is true however let's not overlook some of the statistics. Recent surveys have alleged that over 40 million Americans are overweight. With one out of every four adults carrying up to 15% more weight than normal, we definitely have a problem. More to the point, we have health hazards; because being overweight can:

a) Put added strain on the heart and circulatory system

b) Contribute to coronary heart disease, as much as smoking and hypertension.

c) Decrease life expectancy the more pounds overweight, the shorter the life span.

Losing weight is a matter of interpretation. Have you suddenly started comparing yourself with a famous person, designer model type? DON'T, you will get nowhere. Weight loss is a special dedication you owe to yourself in order to maintain your identity. This decision is the first step toward self-motivation.

Will your motivation last through all those projected days of deprivation? Yes, but only if you are in command of your full intentions. My program will encourage you to leisurely undertake this endeavor. Goals will be reached daily. Time passes fast, try it and await your rewards, and enjoy the new you.

Thank you for your interest in eQuickDiet™.

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