About eQuickDiet™?

Dr. Lois Roncal has practiced this program in a clinical setting for over 36 years.

This program reflects many years of devoted service to persons with weight problems. This program "Fast, Safe, Nutritional Methods for Weight Loss" includes a 30 day diet schedule, special diets, and advice for keeping weight off forever.The program you are considering is probably the best purchase you will ever make if you are seeking weight loss.

Many diets have come and gone. We have all lost weight at one time or another, but now if you're ready to succeed; I will begin to help you reach and maintain the size you desire.

In my program you can expect to lose two sizes in less than a month. Remember, reshaping your eating behaviour reshapes you. Anyone can use this program - young and old alike. This is a learning technique designed to help change your eating habits.Follow each step as it is given. Don't substitute foods. Don't cheat on yourself. If necessary, find a dieting partner and compare progress daily.

Weight loss begins the first day you make up your mind that you aren't happy with your present self. Weight wasn't gained over a short time span, so one should not expect to lose it overnight. Losing weight is fun. I'm sure you will agree after you see the results.

I wish you much happiness in finding the New You!"

Lois Roncal Ph.D.

Thank you for your interest in eQuickDiet™.

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